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QuizSU provides you wide categories of Quizzes (trivia) on its official application.

It contains more than 800+ questions and it has many categories, all are listed below.

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Trivia playing game QuizSU includes four main categories.

In the future, we may include more categories.

As of now, listed below are the main categories and their subcategories.

General Knowledge quizzes

General knowledge includes general questions like History, famous people, Animals, automobile.

You can also play random questions.

History quizzes

It includes questions from the ancient civilization,  the Roman republic empire, the Empire of China.

Historical moments are also covered for example world war 1, world war 2, etc.

Ancient Greece civilization trivia questions are also included.

Personalities like Alexander the Great, Aristotle questions are also available in the quiz.

Sports trivia

Many sports are included in this section. like football, cricket, baseball, etc.

User can also play random trivia from all types of trivia as listed below.

Science &  Technology trivia

Total five types of quizzes are included in general science quizzes.

We have more than 500 questions included in this subcategories.

Science trivia includes general science questions also contains space technology questions

Geography trivia

geography includes river, mountains, landmarks, cities, deserts etc.

Why you should play Quizzes?

Quizzes and trivia is a fun way to gain some knowledge.

So if you want to gain general knowledge try our application.

You can install from google play store.

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